A Mid Season Addition

The middle of the season may not be the the most opportune time to start writing about any sports team, but my relationship with hockey has never been a traditional one. Growing up in central Pennsylvania it was all about football, a sport that I have minimal interest in. When I moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia the summer before fourth grade, I was quickly exposed to the eloquently rough and tumble sport of hockey through the Flyers and was instantly hooked. I picked up the game in high school after years of watching from the stands and have been playing ever since.

Now, living in Florida, I still follow the team closely tuning into every broadcast I can. They keep me attached to my roots and give me something to do on a Tuesday night. This year, I noticed something; the more I watched, the more I wanted to write. While I had thought about covering the Flyers before, I had never had the time between school and work. Now, with one of those completed, I find myself having the free time to put my thoughts down on paper. So here it goes, mid season, with storylines already in motion, I will attempt to contribute something of substance to the conversation.


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